Shocking!! woman was prayed for and she gives birth to a snake

A shocking video has shown the unbelievable moment a snake crawled out of the private part of a woman who has been sick.

This really happened in Ghana when a woman was prayed for and a snake came out from her private part. well, I never know what kind of spirit that might be tormenting her, all i know is that, she was totally delivered from her suffering.

In the video, the snake could be seen raising it’s head as it crawls out of the woman’s private part. It looks like it is a kind of ritual as the camera man captures the unbelievable moment.

Exact details of how the snake got inside the woman are unclear – although the 46-second video appears to have been filmed in a hospital in Africa.

According to Dailystar, it was gathered the woman was rushed to the medical centre with an unspecified illness. Her relatives called a pastor after she became more sick.

As the priest prayed for her, the snake popped its head out of her private parts.

Watch the shocking video below:


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