Please Advise! I Am Thinking of Dumping My Wife for a Rich Woman I Met Online

A man who has met a very rich woman has cried out for help after the woman’s tempting offer is about to ruin his marriage with current wife.

Dear readers,
I am in a situation I don’t know how to deal with. I have met a rich married woman online and she promised me to buy me a BMW and a big house (she is in Durban while I am in Pretoria ) and over the last few months we have spoken every day either Facebook or Skype.
Truth is, it has got fairly serious (online physically) but she says she can’t leave her husband until the kids are grown which is at least 5 years away. She tells me she loves me and all those things and it is killing me inside. I want her like mad but feel sometimes that I should just end it to not cause trouble.
She means a lot to me now but I cannot see a way forward. Like seriously, I can’t continue with my current wife anymore because she’s too poor and dependent on me. Please help, what should I do?
-Anonymous worried man.


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