Please Advice!! My Husband Wants me to Have S*x With His Boss for Promotion, What Should I Do?

A married woman has become very worried after her career husband wants her to have s*x with his boss so that he would be promoted.

Dear readers,
My name is Mellisa and I am staying in Jo’burg. My husband works for a popular bank and I cannot specify where but the thing is he approached me last week and asked if I would be happy staying in Sandton.
Obviously, my answer was yes and so he went on.
He said the only way for him to get a promotion was if I give his manager and boss my body for 24 hours at the Hilton Hotel.
My immediate response was no but he is pushing and pushing, he even promised to buy my dream car – a Jeep Cherokee – if I agree.
He says his boss fancies me because I am beautiful. Please, what should I do? I am totally confused now.
– From anonymous worried wife.


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