Photos : Drama as Mad Man Storms Lagos State Secretariat Demanding to See the Governor

Security operatives at Ambode’s office were greeted with an unusual visitor who was suspected to have mental issues.
The man in question

A supposedly mentally challenged man created an unusual scene at the Lagos State secretariat, Alausa in Ikeja opposite elephant bus stop when he demanded to see the governor of Lagos, Akinwunmi Ambode.
There was an intense argument at the scene of the drama as regards the motive of the unnamed man that looked unkempt with a filthy bag.

“No he is mad” some said ,”Yes he is a kidnapper” others argued. A Few said he must be one of the criminals that torment innocent citizens once the night falls.

“I want to see Ambode” he demanded. A security operative demanded for the reason for his unwelcome visit and also flogged him with a whip in a bid to chase him away from the vicinity according to an eyewitness.
He was told to open up his bag as part of the security measures. The young man had books and other odd contents inside the bag but nothing incriminating was found. Some people began to sympathize with him.
He was later whisked away from the governor’s office to an unknown destination to clear off the ugly scene he was causing.
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