Meet the Identical Twin Brothers Who Look So Alike That Their Wives Cannot Tell Them Apart [Photos]

A pair of identical twin brothers are so alike facially that everyone including their wives have a problem identifying them.
The two identical couples
Zhao Xin and younger brother Zhao Xun, identical twin brothers in China married identical twin sisters but they so identical that they are now set to have minor cosmetic surgery in order to help with their awkward identification problems.
The decision comes after friends and family had constantly complained about not being able to tell them apart before, during, and after their wedding.
But the issue reached a worrying point when one brother found himself holding the hand of his sister-in-law one night after dinner.

Zhao Xin and Zhao Xun, from a village in Yuncheng City, in North China’s Shanxi Province, had been causing headaches for their relatives ever since they started dating sisters Yun Fei and Yun Yang, from a village 6 miles away.
Even on their wedding day during the past Chinese New Year , the couples and their parents had to double-check several times to ensure they were not marrying the wrong partner.
The two pairs of identical siblings, aged 22, are said to be so alike that it is not even possible to tell them apart by their voices.
While plastic surgery is still largely taboo in conservative Chinese societies, the couples and their relatives believe a minor adjustment would do them a world of good.

They are especially keen to avoid awkward situations similar to that which occurred earlier this year, when one of the newlywed husbands apparently ended up holding the hand of his brother’s wife during an evening stroll after dinner.
Reports said a hospital in China’s eastern city of Shanghai has agreed to take on the couple’s case, and will make small adjustments to their appearance so they can distinguish each other more easily.


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