Man Caught Red-handed Stuck Inside a Married Woman While cheating [Photos+Video]

A married woman was given the disgrace of a liftetime after her lover she was cheating with got stuck inside her during s*x attracting the attention of the whole community.

Face of the married woman
It was real drama as a randy man was caught in his own game while having s*x with another man’s wife.
It was gathered that man has been having s*x with the married woman for a long time until nemesis caught up with them.
Unaware that the husband of the married woman had been suspecting her wife’s promiscuity, the woman went off to enjoy herself with the lover in a guest house. It was there that problem started as the cheating man’s manh**d got stuck inside the woman’s private part.

The cheating lovers stuck
The locals said the married woman’s husband had performed a ritual and placed a charm on the wife that any man who had s*x cannot escape. That was how the cheating man and the married woman werecaught.
The incident which happened in Uganda attracted a large crowd of people who came to take a look at the two lovers glued together. The two were later interrogated by newsmen before police took them to a witch-doctor who successfully separated them.


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