Ebube Nwagbo and Alexx Ekubo Make a Stunning Pair


Nollywood stars, Ebube Nwagbo and Alexx Ekubo looked a stunning pair on new photo released on Ebube’s Instagram page.
The duo came together for a photoshoot on an unknown project.
Alexx put up a boyish swag in  army green zipped t-shirt which showed off his clean-shaved arms on a black trousers. He rounded out his look with red backward facing facecap and a gold wristwatch.
On the other hand, Ebube rocked a pinafore jumpsuit featuring several patches around the knees while keeping her accessories to the barest minimum.
The 33 year old attempted to cover up with a pink tube bra as she had her hair extensions done in double braids.
In reference to Alexx’ good looks, Ebube wrote, ‘When He Knows He’s Shredded(small oo) And Like To Show HimSelf..*LooksAway* #Anticipate#NotEnough# @alexxekubo.’


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