CROWNS AND A HEART OF GOLD: Miss Helen Bright lends a helping hand

The greatest test of success and stardom is in the way the blessed ones relate with the less privileged in society. Miss Helen Bright Essien is a young, talented and beautiful lady, haven started her career as a model in 2012,

she admits that the beginning was like laying foundations on rocky grounds. She was however able to weather the storms of competition thus rising to have her name etched on the list of successful Nigerian models and signing contracts and roles in some movies too.

Her most recent achievements include becoming the winner of a keenly contested FACE OF LEISURE QUEST MAGAZINE 2015/2016, FACE OF ID-NOBLE TV 2015 and being appointed as brand ambassador of House of Divat on a Paris based fashion line.


Miss Helen recently announced her a bold initiative to start a fashion, modelling and business academy to bring civic education to the rural dwellers especially the women and young girls thus offering them a golden opportunity to acquire comprehensive training and experience which far reaching implications to say the least would offer them means to fend for themselves which in turn would help in eradicating poverty and unemployment.

Some may ask “why is Miss Helen so special?”, the answer to that is: this is one young lady that has been using the little means that come her way to provide cloths, food and other forms of assistance to orphans, widows, internally displaced persons (idp’s) and people with health challenges of various sorts.

During an interview, Helen was asked why she doesn’t post pictures of her philanthropic activities, she chuckled and said: “Nah, there is nothing about doing good that should be be publicized, i mean its not like politics and then i do have respect for the right to privacy of those being assisted because one day they may become great men and women in the society, and there is really no need to stigmatize them at their hour of need”.

The time and energy Helen puts into her visitation of prison inmates to make donations and pray with them, traveling to camps for internally displaced persons mostly as a result of the insurgency in some parts of the country e.t.c, its simply amazing how she manages to make out time for her modelling profession, acting carrier and most recently an entertainment column writer and other sundry assignments.

Contact Miss Helen (Modelling Business/Fashion Consultancy & Entertainment Reporting):

Tel: +234 8068160506


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