What police officers did to this bride on her wedding day will melt your heart


When bride Carmen Rivera was planning her wedding, she never expected to look different on her big day. Rivera was set to wed fiancé Juan Barriga when the worst happened while she was working at the Dollar Tree in Madera on a Sunday afternoon.
Rivera was punched in the face by a disgruntled shopper who was causing a scene. She was punched multiple times by the customer when she tried to intervene.
“I felt like oh my gosh the week of, everything that could go wrong is about to go wrong and I got punched in the face”, Rivera said.

bride with facial injury“The victim did very well and didn’t fight back, she just tried to keep the peace and unfortunately when she did that she was hit in the face and it caused an injury”, Sgt. Dan Foss with the Madera Police Department told newsmen.
The bride was punched in the left eye and was left badly bruised.
“It’s like a little blood spot that hasn’t gone away yet”, she said. The police then arrested the suspect, 27-yr-old Noemy Martinez, who is currently facing charges for battery.
To help Rivera, the Madera Police Officers Association contributed some money, and then made a few calls to some makeup artists and was able to find an airbrush artist who could conceal the bruises on the bride’s face.
“I got a little emotional, my mom did herself because, it was really caring of them”, Rivera said.
The bride then thanked the police officers for their help adding that she was still looking forward to her big day regardless of what happened.


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