Unbelievable!! Checkout This Man’s Hiding Spot As He Was Being Sneaked Into The USA (See Photo)

The American dream! A 38-year old Brazilian has been caught trying to sneak into the US – by hiding in the gasoline tank of an SUV, pictured above.

Officials were in shock when they found the man hidden inside a modified tank of a 2001 Toyota Sequoia on Tuesday at about 3.15am at a crossing in Calexico, California.

An imaging device had spotted anomalies in the SUV’s gas tank and under the back seats. The officers continued searching the area before discovering the man hidden inside the partially modified gas tank.

The man told officials that he paid $5,800 to get to the border from Brazil and was to pay another $4,000 in Los Angele. The driver who is a 40-year-old U.S. Citizen, told the authorities he only did it so he could pay off his a $5,000 debt. He was arrested and transported to the Imperial County Jail, authorities said. He will face federal charges in connection to the incident.

Customs and Border Protection placed an immigration hold on the Brazilian man to begin his removal from the US, and the vehicle was also seized.


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