So Terrible! What Angry Residents Did to a Thief Will Shock You (Photos)

A Nigerian youth caught in a failed attempt to steal in broad daylight was taught a lesson of his life in an act of jungle justice.
The accused being malhandled
A bold burglar in an undisclosed location in Nigeria stormed a house to loot private properties in broad daylight during which he was nabbed and ordered to swim in a dirty gutter after being severely manhandled.
Read the account of an eyewitness who shared the news on social media:
“This afternoon, I heard my landlord shouting thief! thief!!, hold him!. The suspected thief ran out from my landlord’s daughter’s room and was nabbed by nearby people.
“When questioned, he said he is a student, which of the schools, he couldn’t answer. Later he said, he is into business.
“He was beaten mercilessly and handed to the police after swimming in the gutters.”
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