Shocking!! Woman Reveals What She Did To Her Husbands Secretary After She Slept With Him

I am happily married with two children. I live abroad with my children while my husband shuffles between home and abroad because he has a good business running back home.
My husband’s secretary disclosed a secret to me because I have been so good to her. She said her conscience would not let her rest, and since she cries all the time about it, she was left with no choice but to tell me, so that I can forgive her and she can be free as well.
She has worked with my husband for 3 years now. She said at the early stage of her employment, my husband slept with her in the office a couple of times.
This was 2 years ago. Although I was shocked, as a woman of virtue, I did not take it as an offense. I had to cover my husband’s back still and told her that it was not him then because the devil can use anyone when temptation arises but if you make yourself available, you will fall for it. I told her not to worry about it that old things have passed away and that my husband is a renewed person entirely. Please note my husband doesnt flirt around.
 My question now is, did I handle this matter right? Did I tell her the right thing? This is a woman I took like a younger sister and I don’t want her to feel bad for telling me. Is there any need to confront my husband indirectly or directly? He usually tells me everything he does. He’s quite plain and open minded to me.
He would confess his sins saying, “I have offended you, but please, I need you to forgive me that’s why I’m telling you,” and we would normally just talk about it and laugh it off. But he never once told me anything about his involvement with this lady which is why I’m thinking I should confront him before this beautiful lady will snatch my husband.


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