Shocking! See How Angry Man Sets Himself on Fire Over Argument with Girlfriend [Photos]

In a shocking move, a man has set himself on fire and nearly burnt to death after having a disagreement with his girlfriend.
The angry man in flames
In a shock twist of event, a man set himself on fire after having a domestic dispute with his girlfriend. According to reports, the man set himself alight after dousing himself.
Although Lexington Fire fighter Major Joe Madden raced towards the man and began beating the flames with his jacket, he sustained life threatening injuries.
The incident happened at the intersection of Richmond Road and Fontaine Drive in Lexington, Kentucky.
Major Madden was driving past the scene when he was the man engulfed in a ball of flame.
Lexington Police said the man, who has not been named, had just had a major row with his significant other.
The man was taken to hospital with ‘life threatening injuries’. 
Major Madden was off duty when he came across the scene at 6pm on Wednesday.
The fire fighter told ‘The flames went from a very small amount to completely involving his upper torso. I really didn’t have any plan because I didn’t have any equipment, being off-duty.’
Madden said a pedestrian handed over their jacket which he used to douse the flames.
He added: ‘When the ambulances showed up I looked down and I realized my hand was hurting. When I looked down I realized some of his burnt clothing got on my hand and burned my hand.’ 
Mayor of Lexington Jim Gray later tweeted: ‘We have the very brave Major Joe Madden in our thoughts and prayers as he recovers from his burn injuries today.’  


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