See Why This These White Students Decided To Studying Yoruba Language in an American University

Some white men and women who are actually studying our very own Yoruba language in an American University have been have pictured in Yoruba dresses.
The White students
According to Temitope Omotayo who shared the photo, the men and women pictured above are students of Yoruba language at University of Wisconsin, Madison, U.S.A.
He is therefore admonishing Nigerians to be proud of their local languages and speak them.
He said: “So if you are still ashamed of your culture and you feel reluctant to speak your language with your children then na you know o.
“If we don’t teach our children our language. I am sure these new set of people who are passionate about learning the language will teach them. I am referring to Hausa, Yoruba  Igbo, Swahili and other African languages.”


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