See How A Bride Beat up Groom at Their Wedding Ceremony, Blacken His Face and Cancels Wedding (Photo)

A husband-to-be has been left disgraced and disappointed after his wife-to-be beat him up during their wedding ceremony.
Groom (third left) was beaten up by his bride, had his face blackened with soot and a garland of shoes thrown around his neck
A Indian bride in Bihar has beaten up the would-be-husband and blackened his face before throwing a garland of shoes around his neck for coming to their wedding ceremony drunk. The incident happened on the night of Tuesday, March 8, on International Women’s Day.
According to Gulf News India, the marriage procession of Ranjeet Kumar Kamat, a resident of Padwa-Pachar village in Madhubani district was going successful after the bride and groom exchanged garlands. Once the ritual was over, the groom and his cousin went to a road nearby and drank alcohol. Both lost consciousness soon after.
However, things turned ugly when the groom was brought to the wedding to complete the wedding rituals, he kept calling for beer. Upon being refused, he became a nuisance and started misbehaving with guests, much to the embarrassment of the bride’s family.
The bride who had all the while been sitting quietly, lost her temper and in a fit of refused to marry the drunk groom. As things were unfolding, she went into a room and returned with soot (a deep black powdery or flaky substance consisting largely of amorphous carbon, produced by the incomplete burning of organic matter) and poured it all over his face.
She then beat him with slippers before throwing a garland of shoes around his neck. The groom’s cousin was also treated in same way. Later, she locked the groom and his relatives who caused the trouble in a room.
However, she also made sure the groom and his family promised to return the dowry they were paid.


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