Please I need to know before I make a mistake ; My boy friend is very short

My boy friend is very short and am tall , I agreed to date him because all the tall guys seem to be heart breakers , and I was tired of being used and dumped . My boy friend was so nice and kind so I looked beyond his height and decided to date him . He proposed to be few days back but gave me some conditions that I will stop wearing high heels ,strictly flat shoes , while he knows I love heels . We fought about it but he stood his ground.

I also noticed that he is always aggressive and arrogant , every little thing he is jumping around like foot ball , and it could be very annoying . The one that happened yesterday was when we were going out and I wore heels , to my surprise this man jumped up and slapped me , calling me a disobedient woman .

I did not know if I should slap him in return as I looked at him on the ground , so I walked away . We have not spoken since then .
Please do u all think he is a violent man ?
I heard short people are aggressive Will his height be an issue in our marriage ?
Please I need to know before I make a mistake .


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