Please Help!! My Husbands Best Friend Is Driving Me Crazy- Lagos Wife Laments

A distraught woman has taken her plight to the public domain as her marriage threatens to crumble over the insensitivity of her husband and his friend.
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A Lagos woman has spoken out about her bitter plight in the hands of her husband and his friend which is about to rip them apart:
Read her account below:
My husband of two years is very sociable and has many close friends that we meet up with for dinner. But he also has clingy friend who comes to our home every Friday and stay until Sunday afternoon.
I am often lying around in very little clothes or feeding our baby.  One morning his friend bumped into me n*ked in the bathroom.  I feel as though my privacy is being invaded. My husband just expects me to chat to him but I am getting angry and we end up having huge fights.
If I blame my husband, his friend jumps in and ticks me off. When we went to his house he put on blue film and both he and my husband started grinning at me. Even on our first anniversary supper this man turned up at the restaurant and joined us for coffee.
My husband promises to talk to him but nothing has changed.  He texts and telephones my husband every day. This man is nice and he loves our daughter, but I feel as if I am in competition with him for my husband’s attention.
How can I stop him from coming around all the time.


  1. You should work on your self, first arrange yourself to accept the issue as it is. Then work on your husband and his friend(s) you will get a faster result if you can give your life to christ.


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