Must Read!! Top 10 Common Lies Lagos Girls Tell Guys

Lagos girls are fun to be with, but dating in Lagos goes beyond just love as guys understand the culture of dating in Lagos, but these revealed top 10 lies their girls tell them, will help them up their game.
1. I have a boyfriend but he is not in this country: 
This is a common lie Lagos ladies like to tell always. While that may be true, it is mostly going to be a lie if you truly check. Lagos ladies tell the lies to make you back off or for you to know they are connected with a guy abroad in which case it has become a status symbol
2. The lecturer called me but I didn’t go to see him: 
Well, that is an absolute lie. Lecturers are demi-gods in our universities. When they send for female students, it is always for a reason. She probably wants you to believe she has not had any dealings with a lecturer.
3. I am not bleaching my skin, we are naturally light in my family: 
While this may be true, many girls in Lagos are bleaching their skin.
4. I am on my period: 
If a girl visits a guy and its time to get down, be sure the girl will come at the guy with the red flag excuse.
5. I went to visit a guy and he gave me 100k: 
Lagos girls like to prize themselves for the highest bidder. When a girl tells you this, it means you have to buckle up and be prepared to spend the naira.
6. I don’t love guys because of their money: 
Don’t be deceived. She is playing the good girl to enter your heart. Once she has your attention, she will come for the kill.
7. He is just a friend: 
Well, the other guy is not her enemy either. But remember male friends can do what a normal guy can do a girl.
8. I love you too: 
Well, love is relative. She may love you for anything.
9. I will call you: 
No she won’t, she will flash you.
10. I don’t eat much: 
Lagos girls like food. Don’t be deceived


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