Must Read!! See How My Dad’s Younger Brother Turned Me Into A S*x Addict At 16

A lady who was sexually abused by her uncle at the tender age of 12 has narrated her addiction to s*x which has almost ruined her life.
Read the touching story of the Nigerian youth:
I am not going to beat about the bush in narrating what started when I was just 12 years old.
My dad has an only brother who my siblings and I looked up to. He was such a nice uncle who always brought treats for us anytime he came visiting. He was very strict nonetheless, so we were sure never to cross our boundaries with him.
Whenever mum and dad had somewhere to go together, rather than leaving us alone, Uncle Junior was always asked to come baby sit us. I am the oldest of all the kids. One day, while mum and dad were away, Uncle made sure we all went to bed early. While I was sleeping, Uncle Junior came to the room, woke me up and took me to the living room. The TV was on, and porn was showing. My uncle made me watch and of course, I became wet.

He touched my budding breasts. He didn’t penetrate me that night but he touched and aroused me sexually. I was too scared and confused to tell my parents about the awkward experience.
His act of romantically touching of body parts continued anytime Uncle Junior got the chance to. He would touch me whenever he had the opportunity and he was lucky never to get caught. He finally got his way to have s*x with me when I was 16. Yes, my father’s precious brother sexually abused me and my parents never got to find out.
I got into University and went out of control. My sexual urge being terrible and totally out of control. I virtually slept with anything in trousers and couldn’t get enough. I got into a lot of trouble and kept late nights which led to me failing my exams. I was labelled a rebel as I became the bad egg. I ve been so angry with my wayward nature which bores down to my quick exposure to s*x.
I’m 26 years old now and still feel the pains of bad habits I can’t recover from while my uncle went off to get married.
I want to put everything behind me but to do that, I think I need to confront my uncle and tell my dad. I know this could destroy their relationship for ever and the blame would be all on me. So I ask, should I tell my dad or not?
I am at the crossroads currently and I need to get out of this darkness.


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