Meet The Pretty 17-Year-Old Girl Who Bleeds From Eyes, Ears And Mouth Every 15 Minutes!! [Graphic Photos]

Marnie Harvey, 17, is suffering from a bizarre condition no doctor can explain.

Three years ago she found blood spots on her pillow, since then her family and doctors have been trying to make a diagnosis.

She visited dozens of doctors, changed her diet, gave up consuming sugar, gluten and dairy products, but her condition just went from bad to worse with no evident reasons.

The teenage girl started bleeding from her eyes, ears, nose, fingernails, scalp and tongue up to five times a day.

Recalling the morning she woke up with her eyes bleeding, the girl said: “Red, gloopy tears were dripping out of my right eye. I had blood all over my face and a shooting pain behind my eyes. I felt my way downstairs and my parents, brother and sister all screamed when they saw me. My brother called an ambulance.”

Miss Harvey struggles to open her eyes as the blood stings. It caused her family to scream the first time it happened in 2013

Marnie, dubbed the Mystery Girl, is now virtually housebound — she has splitting headaches, constant sickness and bloody cough. Her doctors believe that Miss Harvey is the only person in Great Britain with these unique symptoms.

“It was alright in the summer because I could hide my bleeding eyes behind sunglasses but I can’t do that now so I stay at home. I never know when it’s going to happen and I don’t like scaring people. Specialists bring their students to have a look at me. One student suggested stigmata – the religious belief it’s the representation of the blood of Jesus. We’re not a religious family. We just want answers,” she said.

MRI scans, CT scans, multiple blood tests showed no tumours, no blood diseases and no blood clotting disorders. Moreover, her liver, kidneys, womb, ovaries and other organs are functioning perfectly as well as her eyes, ears, nose and throat. The only problem anomaly found was a low immune system. Miss Harvey and her desperate parents are now sharing her unusual story in the hope of a right diagnosis and getting her normal life back.


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