Fashion or Foolishness? The Trend of B**bs and B*tt Pads Among Women (Photos)

Women with small butts and and breasts have adopted the usage of b**bs and b*tt pads that come in different sizes to appeal to make folks in a sexy way.

Reports have it that most men who unknowingly fall for women wearing butt and breasts pads end up being disappointed after being emotionally and romantically engulfed with such women which exposes the secret.
This trend has spread to Africa with other ladies imbibing the idea. This has become an object of debate of late on social media. A concerned social media user has this to say:
“Its just a question regarding our present urban society, some of this babes that will be walking with awesome behinds and mind blowing breasts that would make some guys sin on sight not knowing it’s an artificial scam of the century. Pardon me, I don’t mean any offence but shouldn’t nature be what we should be proud of and not some western foam that breaths low self esteem?”
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