Must Read: Rare But Important Virtues That Can Only Be Found In Village Girls

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Village girls in this context encompasses ladies who were born and spent a good part of their lives in the less developed cities with good education,training but with less exposure.

City girls are very sophisticated,social, approachable and good to be with, but village girls are mostly pure hearted . Girls when given excess freedom and education, develop ego and do not care for Man any more, which is rampant among the exposed city babes. Though with good family background, education and sound moral upbringing, u can hardly differentiate between the village and city ladies but we are talking about majority here.

This write-up is not without short comings, but I believe the errors in it is within tolerable limit. To a very large extent,these virtues are prevalent among village brought up ladies.


Village ladies grow up with the right orientation, and attitude that boast their moral values and norms this can melt the heart of every man of “goodwill” Village ladies are brought up with a drilling knowledge of respect and attitude.


The city lifestyle is a wild one and most ladies in the city have been swept away by the tide. Some women find it difficult to deal with the sexual strength and capacity of their husband/BOO because they have been exposed to different sexual escapades. Ironically, even their fellow city men feel that their already explored sexuality might pose the possibility of marital infidelity. They feel more confident in marrying village ladies who to an extent can guarantee fidelity…….will u blame the men? When most of these city ladies have allowed their numerous ex(es) drill and suck away all the necessary “ingredients” of reproduction in their “kitty cat”….lolz


Either by nature or nurture, men feel they are superior to women and like it when they get a lot of respect from
women-a reason they hate any woman that will challenge their superiority. City girls have been so exposed to similar and equal life styles that can lead to tension in the home. Men know that village ladies pose no threat when it comes to class and level and feel more comfortable with that rather than engaging in a class tug of war from city ladies


Village ladies have very homely qualities that make a man happy. They know it is their duties to do the dishes, laundry, cook, make the home and still take care of the children where necessary. city ladies however feel that the modern world in its unwritten law desire men to also help in the house chores…..


The issue of career is always a big problem to men. As much as every man love successful women, they dislike it when a woman’s job becomes her priority and he his relegated to the second position. The higher a woman goes, the more a man finds her unapproachable. Village ladies are very enterprising instead and know how to combine the two~her career and home.


Village ladies are cool-headed and have learnt to tame their emotion so as to allow them understand their spouse.
city ladies though educated and intelligent sometimes lack the basic sense required in understanding the mood and turmoil of a man and this can lead to tension when they cannot act appropriately. Every right thinking man would rather marry a village lady knowing that there is a telepathic understanding between the two of them.


Village ladies understand moderation and have learnt the skills to economize. city ladies find it difficult to deal with less than they have been exposed to and some can even raise hell if they do not get what they are used to. the humble upbringing of most village ladies equips them for any situation whether rain or shine. this is main reason most village ladies are not “GOLD DIGGERS”

Oya let me see all my village brought up ladies support this thread……..happy sunday.


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