15 Facts About Bill Gates House

Bill Gates is currently the richest person in the whole world. Not just like the richest person in all the Washington state or even the United States, he’s the richest person… in the world. His net worth is over $81.1 billion and he’s known for being the co-founder of the world’s largest PC software company, Microsoft.

So, in theory, if you have the most money in the world plus one of the largest companies… the next natural guess would be his house has to be amazing. And the theory is right.

Here are 15 Facts about Bill Gates House.

The Name

First off, let’s begin to give this massive 66,000 square foot mansion that sits on 5 wooded acres of amazing – the respect she deserves and call her by her nickname Xanadu 2.0. And for those of you who don’t know, Xanadu is the house of the title character in the fictional movie Citizen Kane. That’s right, his house has a name, it’s own page on Wikipedia, and coordinates to the Lake Washington complex.



Gates didn’t leave a stone left unturned when he thought about the architecture of Xanadu 2.0. He used Bohin Cywinski Jackson Architects and Cutler-Anderson Architects to collaborate on this extensive project. Neither of the architecture companies have photos of the inside of the house posted, for the family’s privacy.

The house is built into side of a hill, which is called earth sheltering. Earth sheltering will helps maintain a steady climate and reduces heat loss. Being built into the hillside, Gates took extra precaution and built some of the reinforcement much thinker than building codes require.


The Technology

The guest experience at the Gates manor must be unreal with each guest and resident being assigned a pin. This pin interacts with the sensor system that is in each room of the house – a touch sensitive control pad. Each pin has it’s own set of preferences, catered to the individual, including: music selections, lighting choices, and temperature. The pin also communicates with the computers and let’s it know who and where they are in the house.


The Guest House

The 1,900 square foot guest house is a mini version of the main structure. It only has one bedroom, one bathroom, and one fireplace. This is one of the smaller structures and is almost hidden underground. Since this was one of the first buildings to be completed, Gates used it to test the technology that was designed for the main house. He spent a lot of time in this house writing his book, The Road Ahead.


Inside Xanadu 2.0

Gates made sure to set aside a few square feet for the family’s living area or he put 11,500 square feet aside for the family’s wing of the house. This includes four large bedrooms with an attached four – car garage and special living quarters for a nanny. Two of the other bedrooms are featured in the guest wing of the house.

The house also has six kitchens and a total of 24 bathroom including 10 baths, and seven total bedrooms.


Artwork and more electronics

The house has special tv-computer screen combos worth $80,000, being run by computer storage devices worth $150,000 each. On these special screens, guests can call out the name of a photograph or painting and the devices will retrieve the images. The walls also mask the hidden speaker system that hides just beneath the wallpaper.

No need to worry about cold toes, the floors and driveway are heated.

Xanadu 2.0 has miles of fiber optic cables running through the house – needed to link the computer servers (powered by Windows NT operating system).


The Pool

The pool is just another amazing piece of Xanadu 2.0. Located in it’s own 3,900 square foot building, the 17 by 60 foot pool is equipped with an underwater music system. There’s a glass wall that separates the pool from an outside terrace. So, people can literally be inside, dive under the glass wall, and be outside on the terrace. The locker rooms are adjacent to the pool area, with four showers and two baths.


The Theater, the Gym, the Trampoline – Oh, my!

The 1,500 square foot art deco home theater is filled with comfy chairs and couches to seat 20 people. Plus, there’s a popcorn machine when they feel like snacking. Pretty sure they won’t charge for extra butter at this place.

The gym is 2,500 square feet of incredible. It includes separate locker rooms for men and women, a steam room, and a sauna. Oh, and there’s a trampoline room that has 20 foot high ceilings.


Gatehouse and Garages

The Gatehouse is 3,000 square feet and located at the lower entrance of the property. It has a greenhouse, security offices, mailroom (and X-ray machine), and a garage.

The property has several garages with locations throughout, holding up to 23 cars. Gates almost has his own bat cave with an underground parking garage, built completely underground and it can hold ten cars or more. This 6,300 square foot underground facility is made of concrete and stainless steel.


Formal Dining Room and Reception Hall

The 1,000 square foot formal dining room can seat up to 24 people. The fireplace can warm up the guests while the spacious kitchen (39 ft x 23 ft) exhibits the commercial grade appliances.

This 2,300 square foot reception hall is partially below ground. It can hold a dinner party for 150 guests or a cocktail party for 200. There’s another commercial grade kitchen for the hall, even larger fireplace made from limestone, and a 22-foot wide video display.


The Library

“He had come a long way to this blue lawn, and his dream must have seemed so close that he could hardly fail to grasp it.” This quote from The Great Gatsby is engraved on the domed ceiling.

The library is 2,100 square feet with two secret pivoting bookcases, one with a secret bar. And the featured piece is the 16th century notebook, the Codex Leicester that belonged to Leonardo Da Vinci. Gates purchased this at an auction for $30.8 million.


Gates favorite tree

How many people had a favorite tree to climb and play on as a kid? Tons, right? Well, how many of us with a favorite tree had the ability to keep it monitored electronically, 24/7, 365 days a year via computer? Oh, and how many of us had the ability to program water to automatically pump into it if it got too dry? Well, you must not have loved the tree as much as you think you did. Gates favorite tree is the 40-year old maple tree located next to his driveway. He loves this tree.


Sand and Stream

Gates has his own private beach and his own piece of the Caribbean right in his backyard. The sand on his beach is from none other than St. Lucia – it gets delivered every year.

The property has an artificial stream and wetland estuary that comes fully stocked with salmon and sea run cutthroat trout. These were built to solve the issues with the foundation and the runoff water caused by the retaining walls.


Extra Information

The amount of labor it took to complete this home is mind blowing – it took 300 workers, with 100 of them being electricians.

Each of the door handles was hand crafted and cost $200 each.

At the Microsoft annual auction, employees have a chance to bid on products and services, with the proceeds going to the company’s charity. Sometimes Gates will donate a private tour of Xanadu 2.0. One year a Microsoft employee bid $35,000 for a tour of the compound – and won.