Woman shamelessly shits and wipes her bum on a private lawn


The woman was caught taking the dump on a grass verge outside someone’s home at Monterey Park, California and wiping her bum afterwards. It appears the woman couldn’t hold it in any longer after a
busy day of shopping. The pictures show her put down a plastic bag before unloading her bowel content.

She pulls down her black trousers and defecates on the lawn. She then wiped her bum with toilet roll and the soiled sheets are discarded and left on the pavement as she carries on with her day. The pictures were taken by a resident living in the area.
The mess was noticed the next day by the owner of the house, who thought dog owners were starting to wipe their dogs after they’d been to the toilet. Monterey Park Mayor, Peter Chan, reportedly said the incident hurt the city’s image…. bt nothing can b done wen shit holds d son of man to ransom…


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