Video shows muslim teen beating up a woman for dressing “inappropriately.”


The shocking video has already gone viral after it was uploaded to Facebook by one Jean-Baptiste Kim. The incident allegedly took place in Rotterdam, Netherlands. In the clip, a Muslim man approached a woman to
object to her choice of outfit, thinking she was dressed immodestly in a sleeveless t-shirt.
He starts out the conversation by saying, “You dress like a whore.” The woman then started to argue with him. Without any warning, the man slapped her hard, sending her staggering backwards, as his fellow brothers laughed and cheered him on. As he approached her for another smack, the woman tried to defend herself by hitting him with her purse, but she didn’t succeed.
Link to the video:
Although he missed with his second blow, he delivered a punch to her jaw that sent her crashing to the ground. Then his fellow Muslim brother came up to yell “stupid whore” before kicking and stomping on her. The boys are said to be refugees who recently entered the country from the Middle East…… I pray they get them arrested n sentenced to nothing less than one week in jail…..


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