Serial entrepreneur, Toyin Lawani, shares her fibroid survival story


” l choose 2tell u my story 2day, no1 I kip evrytng in my life under wraps cse of d negativity out thr, 90% of my life doesn’t make it 2d Internet, I’ve bn tru alot in my life,bt il let u read All d truth in my Book&watch on my
Reality show #Lifeofanenterpreneur.
Alot of pips snd me dm/mails sayn hw perfect iam,hw they wnt 2b like me,hw strong i am,Askn hw i manage 2run 20Buisnesses&takecare of my 2kids at d sametime,i promised myself2 always kip goin 2encourage d people I inspire,ds powerful strong woman u see,is nt perfect,i hv my pains,i cry2,especially whn I’m misjudged,hv bn betrayed&stabbed in d back severally by friends,bt i promised myself I ws goin2make a change4 ladies in d indusrty,so i put all my Talent2use.
I kept pushing evn whn they drag my name in d mud,i never show weakness cse i hate pity, bt 2day il tell u ds,if nt 4my pr il post all i went tru,during d last 10days,bt its 2horrific,bt i insisted they televised it 4my Reality show,whn i had Tiannah, i bled all tru d pregnancy nt knowing,I ws evn pregnant till abt 5months,3yrs after I had her i ws always hvn stomach pains&bleedn heavly tru my periods,went 2c my gynecologist he said I hd 3small fibriods&we agreed 2take them out thru laparoscopic surgery,I wokeup thinkn it ws done,he said it ws on my womb,dt il lose my womb if he did it,&i didnt sign 4 them2 open me up,dt they had 2do it tru major surgery,he said one ws on my bladder,which made me pee myself whn i cough in public& it gv me terrible bck pains&leg pains,bt he thn advised me 2hv anoda baby,b4 d surgery,yrs afta i got pregnant wit @lordmaine1.
5mths into the pregnancy, i was bed ridn,i hd alot of pains frm d pregnancy,flew 2my gynecologist in uk,he said I had sometng cld Red degeneration,whr d fibriods sucks d blood frm d baby&doesnt make it Grow,sameday found out I had Gestational Diabetics i thot i was goin 2 lose d baby,they changed my diet,went tru nonstop pains till abt 7 months,later d baby started growing well & so was d 3fibriods,they put my sugar levels on check,during ds period.
With all d pains i evn had a fashion show in uk &no1knew wht i was goin tru,evn after d show i still ended up at d hospital,d nextday& they couldnt give me any serious meds all tru my pains,cse it cld affect d baby,jst pain killers,so i had 2 bare d pain &in all this, one day i was sleepn at home&some1 sent me a blog story,i read alot of horrible tngs abt d paternity of my child,with series of lies,jst2pull me & my Brand hv worked so hard 4 dwn.
This worsen my health badly,bt my partner& motherinlaw stood by me all tru,Takn care of me&with prayers,they neva doubted me 4once. During ds period i cldnt walk,eat,bath myself,nor talk,tnks 2my partner&brother,they use 2 bath me, bt d pain stopped abt 7 months.
Alot of old my staff had left me by thn,bt i raised a team of interns& worked till I was 8 months&2weeks,cse like everyonelse,we hv bills2pay,I even lost my home and formal shops,After i had d baby,i started working on my new site quietly…leaving some details out bt u cn read it in my Book……………
Nxt day after my bday 2nd of march,i was hvn fun with family at federal palace,i started bleeding chunks of blood nonstop,Was rushed to Reddington&collasped when we got thr,they stopped d bleeding &pleaded with me 2do d surgery,bt i kept postponing it,cse i didnt wnt 2 lose my womb.
It happened again,bt ds time i cldnt fly out,a friend tld me abt a very good Lebanese hospital & they rushed me thr,took the 3fibriods out &saved my womb,i was so scared of d scar frm d surgery bt 2my surprise, it’s so thin it’s unbelievable, well i thank God for my life & my family for standing by me on my sick bed&Tnx to d wonderful doctors,they all made me feel at home.
Tnks2 my online TeamTiannah&my 40member of staff dt kept the Biz Going & ladies pls check urself regularly,imagine if i was too far from the hospital? This is how people bleed to death.lord i thank u for ur continous blessing &that I can hold my kids again & hv more of them……il serve u forever#ATM…..


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