Businessman financially ruined after giving £1.5m to Zimbabwean hairdresser


In a case currently under investigation, Robin Dixon, 69, said he gave Lumbidzani Moyo, aka Sisa, the money over 8 years. He said: “I’ve ruined my life and put my family through hell. I’ve been very gullible. Saying it’s a
mess is an understatement. I don’t know if I’ll get any money back or how my family will recover. She was very convincing and I was too trusting and gullible.

I thought she was in Zimbabwe, fighting for the right to bring the girl to Scotland. I have grandchildren who mean a great deal to me and the story affected me. I wanted to help this little girl and gave her cash. Sisa told me she would pay me back from the sale of a house in South Africa. I realize now I’ve been stupid.
Taking money out of the company I worked hard to build and putting everything at risk, it’s not how I would normally behave. I don’t know what’s going to happen next.” Sisa, 40, however denied taking anything from Dixon. But his family fear he is a victim of “rinsing”, where lovestruck older men are charmed into giving money and gifts to younger women.
Dixon resigned as a director of his company after accountants discovered a massive hole in the accounts. He allegedly gave Sisa £1m of the firm’s money and £500k of his…… ds is a negative gender equality. Girls shldnt be doing “yahoo plus.”……


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