This Woman Had To Have Her EYE REMOVED After this Makeup Accident

Using Makeup With Glitters Causes Blindness

Ladies attention! I know a lot of you wanted to have that glamorous and stunning look every time you go out to a party or even on a simple celebration. As noticed, a lot of you are always wearing makeup especially that with glitters to highlight and improve your beauty. But after reading this article, you will surely think twice of wearing your makeup again. Again, ladies, this is at your own risk!

What do you think is the common thing in the craft world and makeup? Yes, I assumed you get it right – it’s the GLITTER! Both uses glitters to achieve a dazzling and sparkling output. But reading one woman’s story about the dangers of this seemingly innocent material, you will surely think twice about every putting glitter near your eyes again.

This sad and tragic confession begins when Erica Diaz, a mother of 2 was tidying up. Somehow, a piece of glitter, unfortunately, fell in her eyes and hot lodged there. The tiny spec ended up doing a severe damage.

According to GoFund Me page, a page aiming to raise awareness for the mother entrepreneurial mother of 2:
“My friend, Erica Diaz recently lost a good portion of her eye to glitter. That’s right, I said “glitter”. While cleaning up, a piece of glitter fell into her eye, and cut her cornea. The cut opened her eye up to infection. The infection quickly spread throughout her eye, filling her eye with pus and causing her excruciating pain from the pressure.”

The page explains the extent of the damage caused by one piece of glitter: “On Tuesday, February 24, 2015, Erica had emergency surgery on her eye, to try and save it. While they were only supposed to take a small portion, they ended up needing to take out much more than anticipated…” click here to learn more — GoFundMe page.

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