Please Advice Me : My Boyfriend can argue for Africa, his attitude disgust me

My boyfriend is a very good man , gives me everything I want , takes care of me , but he talks too much. This man can talk for 24 hours , off point pouring saliva every where in the name of argument .

Especially foot ball, he will jump , scream like a village boy and make animal noise . He now extended the talking to our love making . During love making he will talk and shout nonsense eg baby come sit down for the prick, baby I wan press the br.east, baby dis your Yansh don they big, baby commot water for me make I 4ck , very irritating .

His not an illiterate o, he went to school but speaks broken English like his mother tongue. He proposed last night saying , baby this your toto na me get am and I wan keep am , as he brought out the ring and slipped it into my fingers .

You all needed to have seen my face , I took the ring cause I did not want him to feel bad , and the next thing was, baby open leg make we 4ck. Who says that .
I need serious advise , how do I cope with this kind of man ? His very rich and I love him but . He never listens , he can argue for Africa . Pls how do I handle this ??


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