Please Advice!! I’ve Been Sleeping with My Boyfriend’s Dad, Now I’m Pregnant

A female student who landed herself in a fix sent this message to Aunty Bunmi:

I’ve been sleeping with my boyfriend’s father for a while now and I’m pregnant and the baby could be his. The thing is, I’ve also been sleeping with my boyfriend. I’m scared as I’m an undergraduate. I know what I did was wrong, but I don’t know what to do about it. My parents will kill me if they find out.

Below is Aunty Bunmi’s response to her:

I can’t sugar-coat this one. It’s a mess. If you decide to keep the baby, are you going to come clean or will you lie to your boyfriend and claim that the child is his when there’s a high chance that it’s his dad’s? The only way of knowing for sure is to do a DNA test after the baby is born.

Also, I don’t think you deserve the guy. You obviously don’t love him if you can be sleeping with his dad. His father is despicable for getting down with his son’s girlfriend. As for you, you’ve been silly.


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