Breaking News!! See How Popular S*xy Instagram Model, Brittaney Aleis Burnett Was Found Dead in Her Apartment (Photos)

A popular Instagram model named Brittaney Aleis Burnett passed away suddenly and unexpected this past weekend as she was found alone in her apartment dead cold.
A Black American family has been hit with tragedy after their 29-year-old model daughter, Brittaney Aleis Burnett, was found dead in her apartment last weekend.
It was reported that the police said it looks like it could be suicide, but her family thinks she may have been poisoned as they are working with an independent investigator to determine the cause of death.
Below is an official statement released by the family;
“On July 2, 1987, Brittaney Aleis Burnett entered the stage of life already a star. She was a roaring blaze of fire destined to make an everlasting impression on the world. Brittaney’s overwhelming light and warmth, soothed the hearts and minds of her friends and family. She was Loved, cherished, admired and highly esteemed.
Her loss is a tragedy, but her life was a masterpiece! Please support the celebration of her life, by making a donation towards the memorialization of her life.”


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